Author Interview — Elizabeth Kelley Buzbee

After a long break, in which I moved continents, became acclimated to a full time job and ploughed on with the business of working to bring my husband back to England (the hoops we had to go through are a topic for another blog post, however), I'm finally at a point where I have time to step back into the … Continue reading Author Interview — Elizabeth Kelley Buzbee

Author Interview – Aderyn Wood

In my continuing series of author interviews, I’m excited to introduce Australian writer and fellow cat-lover, Aderyn Wood. After reading and thoroughly enjoying her novella, The Viscount’s Son, when I learned that she had a new book coming out—a novel this time—my interest was piqued. I asked Aderyn to chat with me about her new … Continue reading Author Interview – Aderyn Wood